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Wrap your cards in STEEL – for free

Hey guys, You know we like to give you all the best deals around town, and here is another from our friends over at Ellusionist. How does a free stainless steel card clip FREE sound? It’s true! Get yours now over at Ellusionist on all orders over $50.00. What does that mean? Get your Christmas […]

Google Magic!

Hey ExoMagicians! I am always on the look out for Magic, especially fun “conversation” Magic that can stump my friends who are always begging me to do a quick effect for them. I was introduced to these Google Magic Tricks long ago, and wanted to pass on these fun sites that can really stump people. […]

.thecuso Tutorials!

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you all know about a little resource…. Look at me…little. How about a very BIG and useful one…and did I mention…they are FREE! SO all you guys who have been asking about XCM and wanting to really get down and learn it. Who wanted to find some material to […]

ExoMagic Store Front!

Hey guys! ExoMagic is evolving everyday. Don’t blink, you may miss some things! We have been very busy here, recently the forums were updated, we installed the AWESOME new Chat Box Feature, and now we have another surprise! The New Improved ExoMagic Store! The store is going to quickly become your GO TO place for […]

Bicycle 125: Anniversary Edition

Theory11 is proud to present a collaboration that can officially come to light – the Bicycle 125’s. The decks will be marketed worldwide in the months to come, but we are honored and privileged to unveil them exclusively today, weeks ahead of the public release date. Everyone has seen the new Bicycle boxes, the different […]

S.M. Production’s Release Line-up!

S.M. Productions has some interesting effects lined up for release starting with the next ten days. There are three effects include in this line-up. “Ultracinese” the PK Nut and Bolt effect by Leondardo Milanes. Which you just need to see to believe. A nice “TWIST” on an old classic. But kind of expensive, considering its […]

Porper Clip with an “Arcane” Flair?

Ellusionist today let everyone know that they now are carrying something special for your ARCANE decks that they released not to long ago. Joe Porper the creator of the Porper clip that many Magicians swear by, (us included) has worked with E to release a custom clip that allows you to show off your awesome […]

ExoMagic is on Myspace!

Hey guys! As you know, ExoMagic is getting bigger and bigger everyday. We really want to stay connected with each and everyone of you! So we wanted to let you know that we now are on MySpace! Also, we want to remind all of our readers to sign up to get Text Message updates. You […]

Sinful…A Graphic Novel?

Wayne Houchin, yesterday, finally announced that he was up to no good…. Over the past few months he has been hard at work on a handful of exciting projects. And that many of those projects are nearing completion! “I’m finally able to give you a peek at a unique book that I’ve been working on […]

How to Publish Your Own Magic Book!

Someone asked me recently about e-books and publishing actual books….and it made me realize something: A lot of Magicians feel like they have a story to tell, advice to give, or even effects to teach! So, you may be working hard to pen you very own Magic Book covering the pass or presentation or something […]