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Blaine Talks about Stunts at TEDMED

Nice Video of Blaine talking about his stunts, focusing on the record breath hold… It explains a few things you may have wondered about during the under water stunt. Enjoy!

Operation Haiti

If you didn’t already know… ExoMagic is trying to collectively raise $10,000 to provide supplies and assistance to areas that need it the most in Haiti. Along with the basic necessities that we must bring in order to help the area remain safe. ExoMagic’s founder, Alex Hess, will be departing in the second week of […]

World Magic Seminar

The World Magic Seminar February 28 – March 3, 2010 Registration – $295.00

ExoMagic Store to Change

Hey guys. ExoMagic is a ever growing place. We change with the tide so we can bring you guys what you want and need. So we have officially been making some changes and working the clock to add some new items to the ExoMagic Store. Check out the DVD section for what we have to […]

iVideo Camera Bring Video Recording to iPhone 3G!

Hey ExoMagicians, I recently found a great app for my iPhone. I know many of you have one and you probably love your iPhone as much as I do. For people who don’t have jailbroken 3G or 2G phones, video recording was just a dream. Then 3Gs came out with the feature. Now…there’s an App […]

Shrunken Heads

Hey ExoMagicians! I have to let you guys in on a little something special. If you don’t know about him…you should. The man’s name is Doug Higley, and he is the master prop maker for the bizarre and outrageous Magicans around. I had the chance to talk to Doug a long while back, (he may […]

Joe Porper Card Clip

If you never believed in the power of the Porper Card Clip…maybe now you will. Magick Balay over at Fantasma does an amazing job doing a demo. Make sure you get your Clips over at ExoMagic for CHEAP!

Little Man Moving His Way to You!

The long waited Demo of Paul Harris’s Little Man is finally here! Paul Harris is selling Collector Editions of LITTLE MAN which will come with a beautiful wood box signed and numbered by Paul himself. Each box will be personally signed and numbered from 1 to 250. Once these are gone, that will be it. […]

Your Guide to Buy

Hey ExoMagicians! This Blog Article is for all you guys who ask me an other Magicians for help about buying products…I see posts on forums like this: Bob747 says: “HEY! I have $200 to spend on Magic. I would love to know what effects your recommend. By the way, how does the Gecko at Ellusionist […]

He Stopped by to say Hi!

Hey ExoMagicians! Wanted to tell you all this amazing thing that happened to us here at ExoMagic…. You see, Twas the night before Christmas, and we were all chillin’ in Alex’s house, The ExoTroll wasn’t stirring, except for his pet mouse. Lyle and Brandon were doing shuffles with flair, While Sam showed off his new […]